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15 Top Indian Bloggers Who Tasted Success

Blogging was a taboo for the Indians until 2005. They never thought sharing one's experience over the internet could pay them handsome money. Though the process is not that easy. One needs patience to see the dollars rolling in to their account.
When some peoples like Harsh Agarwal stepped in the field of blogging, realised the high potential and future aspects of this multi billion dollar business. Till now they have generated millions of dollars of revenue from their blogs. Some of them even started blogs to teach the beginners and future bloggers how to blog and earn money.
This article discusses the successful bloggers of India and how they tasted success.
Out of hundreds well paid Indian bloggers, these are the top 15 Indian bloggers whom the blogger community admires the most:
1. Harsh Agrawal
Harsh is the founder of He was working on a call centre when he started his blog in 2008. He has made millions of dollar with According to his income report of May, 2016, he has earned USD 28640 in that month. That's approximately 19 lakh Indian Rupees. His journey to success is brilliantly explained by him in this interview.
Harsh Agrawal’s journey from a call centre to making millions as professional blogger -YourStory

2. Amit Agarwal
Amit Agarwal is the founder of He is in the field of blogging since 2004. He started with a blogspot blog and now he is earning in thousands of dollar per month. His earning report is undisclosed but we can estimate his current revenue with this report of 2006 published by him in his blog: Labnol Earnings- How much money do I make from AdSense?
3. Shradha Sharma
Shradha Sharma is the Founder and Editor of She left her job at CNBC-TV18 and started her blog in 2008. YourStory is all about successful entrepreneurs and how to be one. It inspires the entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. Her prime source of income is from advertising and sponsorships. She gets an estimated 15-30 lakh rupees per month.
YourStory raises under $5M from Kalaari, Ratan Tata & others -VCCIRCLE
4. Ashish Sinha
Ashish Sinha is a noted blogger. He is the founder of which he founded in 2012. His prime source of income is from AdSense and Affiliate marketing. He gets something around 8-10 lakh rupees monthly.

5. Srinivas Tamada
He is the founder of . This blog is all about PHP, Web Design. He makes something in between 6-7 lakh rupees per month. He is blogging since 2009. Main source of his income is from paid advertising, affiliate marketing and AdSense.
6. Purna Duggirala (Chandoo)
He started the blog after quitting his job in 2010. Unlike other blogs which focuses on advertising, the main source of revenue of is from selling some excel related course. He gets something around 10-15 lakh rupees monthly.
7. Jaspal Singh
Jaspal Singh is the founder of He writes about technology, internet tips and tricks. By profession he is a mechanical engineer. He started this blog in 2009 and he is making around 3-4 lakh monthly.
8. Amit Bhawani
Amit Bhawani is the founder of He writes about blogging, SEO, SMO, internet and technology since 2007. This blog is however not his primary source of income. He has other blogs which generates a revenue around 3-4 lakh monthly in total.
9. Faisal Farooqui
He is the founder of This a consumer research and survey website. Main source of his income is from paid advertising, AdSense, affiliate marketing and premium membership charges. He gets around 10 lakh rupees monthly.
10. Imran Uddin
Imran Uddin founded in 2012. He writes about Blogging, SEO and Technology. His main revenue source is from paid advertising and affiliate advertising which generates almost 4.5-5 lakh rupees monthly.
11. Arun Prabhudesai
Arun Prabhudesai founded in 2007. He is from Pune. He writes about Startup, Share market, financial news in his blog. His estimated income is around 3-4 lakhs.
12. Kulwant Negi
He founded in 2012. His blog focuses on online money making, SEO, WordPress and blogging tips. His estimated monthly income is 3-4 lakh.

13. Bishal Biswas
Bishal Biswas is the youngest blogger in this list. He is 15 years old and started the blog when he was 10 years old. His blog focuses on SEO, online money making ideas, blogging and many more related topics. His estimated income is 13-14 lakh rupees monthly.
14. Rohit Landge
Rohit Langde started his blog in 2008. He writes about blogging, windows tips and technology. He gets something around 7-8 lakh monthly.
15. Varun Krishnan
Varun Krishnan is the founder of he started the blog in 2005 and the blog focuses on newly released cellphones, reviews, technical news and gadgets. The source of his income is from Google AdSense, paid reviews, affiliate marketing. His estimated monthly income is around 9 lakh rupees.

These are the top 15 indian bloggers of India. If you think you know someone who should be in the list; please comment below with name and blog URL.


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