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Welcome Readers!

Hi, Readers!
Welcome to Blog N Buck. It took me 1 year to make my mind to open this blog. This is my first niche blog. Basically Blog N Buck deals with how we can earn money online through a niche blog. Niche blogs are blogs that deal with a specific topic. There are tons of blogs already available on Blogging or Make Money Online; but the difference between them and Blog N Buck is that Blog N Buck will share each and every detail of each step that I will encounter to run this blog properly. Since this blog is dedicated to making money online through a niche blog, you can also expect some ideas on making a passive income through freelancing.
The Name Blog N Buck:
When I was thinking to name this blog, a random thought of different names were flying inside my head. But I had to select one. The confusion was to select a name that suits the theme and also attract the readers. Most of the time, it is seen that a blog doesn’t reach its potential readers only because the name don’t suit its content. So naming a blog is a challenging task. Keeping all these things in mind- Blog N Buck got appeared.

Challenges that Blog N Buck will face:
I am an University student and the lone blogger who will run this blog. So the possible challenges are-
1. Since I am a student, there may be times when I could not share posts regularly due to lack of time for studies. A self advice is that I should plan my posts on weekends and write the contents whenever I get time.
2. As the readers will increase, there will be increase in the hunger for more page views and more catchy articles to attract more readers. I have to control my greed and shouldn’t compromise with the quality of the contents.
3. What if the blog fails? Yes, this question gives me Goosebumps. The possible doable thing is to promote the blog and not to compromise with the quality.
4. Blog N Buck is based on Google’s Blogger platform- the challenge is that it has less customisation tools as compared to other blogging platforms. So in future if Google upgrades the tools, there is a hope that Blog N Buck could be more readers friendly.
5. Revenue generation is a challenging task. Though I will apply for Google AdSense after six months (the blog should be at least six months old as written in their rule), I will also have to apply for other modes of revenue generation.
6. As the number of articles will increase, I will face challenges like Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimisation with the giants of this field. At present I have a basic idea of how these thing works. So I have to fuel my knowledge of SEO, SMO.

Just A Few More Lines:
This is the beginning of Blog N Buck. I am Shankharaj Sarkar, just another blogger who loves sharing ideas with the global like-minded citizens. Hope you will enjoy reading it and share your valuable response in comments. You can also mail me and follow me on social networks.
N.B. You will be notified when the FB page will be created (and I will also share the experience)


  1. I am with you bro , nice to see your blog ...

    1. Hi Mrinmoy,
      Thanks for your support. Please spread the name and stay tuned for more. :)

      Blog N Buck

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