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Six Killer SEO Tricks To Increase Your Visitors Like Hell [SEO For Beginners]

What is SEO and why should you care about it?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a bundle of actions you do to make your article more visible to the people who search that information through Search Engines (like, Google, Bing). As a result the search engines put your article on the top of their preference list.

Bloggers are crazy for the pageviews as pageview and dollars are interlinked. More the pageviews, more is the chance that the viewers click the advertising links and more the clicks, more the dollar flows into your account.
Hope now you understand why you need to care about SEO. Money speaks louder. ;)

So what should you do to get more money, I mean more pageviews?

Here are 6 tricks you can do to write SEO friendly articles to attract more viewers via search engines:

# 1 Research Your Keyword
Keyword research is the key to SEO. Often people don't give it a damn and write whatever comes in their mind. I also suggest you to write like that but after writing your shi*, put the SEO friendly keyword into it like the seeds in watermelon. If you have money in hand, register in SEMRush and take advantage of their premium keyword research tool. And if you are like me (read frugal), you can search keywords on for free.

# 2 Select SEO friendly keywords for the Title
Google (and other search engines) is a lot more smarter than you think. So to compete with it in intelligence, you have to trick it's functioning. Search engines can predict a lot about an article just by the words its Title contain. So it's your responsibility to prove that your article is worth reading. Dope the title with related keywords. I suggest you to spend equal amount of time writing your title, as you spent writing that article.

# 3 Incorporate The Article With Researched Keywords
First write the article in your own words. After finishing your article, incorporate the keywords by replacing other related terms. If possible, rewrite your article with your researched keywords. Incorporation doesn't mean spamming. Remember, if you spam your article with irreverent repeating keywords, Google will dump your article.

# 4 Write Long Article
The length of your article is important for your article to rank high in search engine results. Forget writing articles below 300 words. If you want to write an article, set your limit to a minimum of 500 words. Higher the word count, higher is the chance for getting traffic from the search engines.

# 5 Use proper symbols
Use SEO friendly permalinks. Minimise the number of ‘&’, ‘?’, ‘!’ etc characters in the article and the URL. Sometime its can't be avoided but try to keep it to the minimum number. Use hyphens (-) between words to improve readability of your article. Never use underscores (_) in URLs, instead you can use hyphens (-) in that place.

# 6 Keep Your Article Up-to-Date.
Keep the content fresh and up-to-date. Visitors don’t like reading outdated content. By updating the content frequently, you can also attract the search engines spiders to index the web pages frequently.
The secret mantra to success in blogging is-
'Be Fresh, Be Relevant, Be Useful.'

Apply these tricks in your next article and let me know the difference you observe in your number of visitor in comments. Your feedback is what keeps me moving. :)


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